Filmed, directed, and edited by yours truly (I’m in 0:43 - 0:51) ^_^

Love it^


Photos of not real things by Aaron Farley.

Cruel Summer.

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Love these fuckers.

Early paddle haha.

First year/second semester of college is over wow. *Thoughts*
  1. Do something with your time in school! It’s gonna suck, you might as well make the years worth it.
  2. Join a club, pledge a fraternity DO SOMETHING and progress through that. I have so much more respect for someone that pledges a social Fraternity even than someone that goes to class then just goes back to their dorms or just chills the rest of the day. As much as I may not see the purpose in a social fraternity I respect them in that they have a commitment towards their brotherhood and its something to work for. 
  3. Never settle for less than what you want. 
-bisous asked:
LOL HI ROB ITS DORIS!!!! Alpha kappa psi is one of my tagged searches on tumblr and i saw thissss "I love my xigotes" and im like..xigotes in another chapter? no waaayyyyyyyyyyy it has to be buffalo

LOL HI DORIS IT’S ROB. But yeah we’re the one and only Xigotes…. Get used to it =p



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Officially a brother of Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity.

I love my Xigotes! =’]

Canis has joined the family.

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